How to Use/Install

Installation Guide

To set up your input viewer, proceed with the following:

  • Download NintendoSpy via the link provided below.

  • Extraction isn't necessary, but feel free to extract the files wherever.
  • Locate the previously downloaded files and plug in your input viewer.
  • Open NintendoSpy.exe.
  • Choose the console, COM port that corresponds to your adapter, and also the skin of your choosing before completing the launch of NintendoSpy.
  • Finalize the launch of the software; your inputs should be displayed.
  • * If your controller inputs aren't showing up, you'll want to ensure that the proper COM port is being selected, your console is on, and that your controller is plugged in fully - if you cannot locate the proper COM port, you may need to download the CH340g/341 driver that is necessary for recognizing Arduino-based adapters. Download that here : , simply run the file/executable located inside, and your adapter should now be recognized by your PC. Please ensure you're using USB 2.0 ports, if possible.