How to Obtain Skins

Skin Installation and Setup guide

To set up your input viewer with different NintendoSpy skins, proceed with the following:

  • Download NintendoSpy via the link provided below. 
* The above is a prerequisite, if you've already downloaded and installed NintendoSpy, then skip this step and proceed with the rest of the following:
  • To easily communicate with other members of the adapter/input viewer community and distribute skins to one another, we've opted to have a #Skin-Share section in the following Input Viewer Discord Server, please join and feel free to survey all of the available skins in the server!

  • After finding a skin that you like, feel free to ask in the server for the files, or search for previously uploaded files that other members have added to the server previously! All of the skins that are uploaded there are never deleted - so rest assured that we have all the skins you may want/need!
  • Inside of your NintendoSpy folder, there should be a folder labelled "skins". Simply take the skin folder of the new-skin that you're wishing to add to your library and drag/drop the folder into NintendoSpy's "skins" folder. After doing so, close and re-initiate the NintendoSpy program and you should be able to select the skin that you've just installed!