Smash Brothers Supported!

Super Smash Brothers (all releases - all platforms) are fully-supported by our input viewer adapters! Whether you're playing on a local setup, or at home on Netplay, your inputs are always captured seamlessly with our adapters. Many professional Smash players, commentators, and content-creators alike have already started using our adapters to improve their game-play and provide more in-depth match and set analysis. Join them in improving the community and pick up an input viewer today!

Input Viewer Testimonials

Just shouted you out on twitter! It’s an awesome tool. Just gotta figure out how to use it with netplay with the zadig driver.


Hey buddy! Just wanted to say thanks very much again for sorting out my order so quickly, they arrived today :D Looking forward to setting them up tomorrow!


Couldn't recommend Chad's input display adapter more highly, quick response times in regards to communication, high quality product, and zero techincal issues on my end. It just worked as advertised.


The adapter is great, it only requires that I have one free USB port on my PC to be able to function, it doesn't have any issues hot-swapping controllers or consoles, and there's absolutely no discernible input delay.


The input reviewer is great and everything connected smoothly! the controller feels phenomenal, buttery smooth and is less on the hands! i’ll definitely be on the lookout for more controllers from you.